DAVID SHORT - Chief Operating Officer of Heaven's Fire Media (2012-Present)

Screenshot of David Short in latest HFF project

David "Shorty" Short was born in Hampstead, Maryland. Remarkably bright for his age, he was able to read at just age three. Though most would assume that this would mean a mostly booksmart child, he began drawing at any chance he would get. As a child he always wanted to be some sort of artist, but never considered acting. His father worked at a local Panasonic and often came home with broken cameras that would be fixed and used for family gatherings. Around the age of seven, David saw the videos and learned how to use them himself. He loved being behind the camera and getting other people on film doing what they enjoy. Throughout the next year he would create many short films with friends, occasionally starring in some himself. One day, when he was eight, David's father told him about a public access station near his work and asked him if he would like to make a show for it. He accepted and put on a how-to show on a monthly basis. Sadly it was short lived (only two months ever aired) due to an unforeseen disaster with the show's editing software.

After the show, David's interest in movies with friends began to fade for the next few years. He began to focus on items such as his grades. It wasn't until 9th grade that he and his long time friend Jason Charitonuk decided to create a series of short films online under the name "DayJayVids". Using his new camera set, David's movie making interest was rekindled. While still being behind the camera, he appeared in almost every video released. Several months past and DayJayVids went on an indefinitely long hiatus. While still using the camera for more recreational uses, he set his mind on one day becoming a director or camera operator. In mid-10th grade, Jason informed him of an audition for an actual feature length production. Thrilled for the opportunity, he went to the audition with director Matthew Roe. After a week or two, he discovered that he was cast as a small role of Frank in Matthew's Stallions & Mules (2009). However, after some scheduling conflicts with another cast member, David was given a one of the lead roles of Fred Teller. Stallions and Mules was a benchmark movie for David. Not only was it his first feature length film, or that he had a decent role in it, but it was that film that completely changed his ideas about his career that was now set on acting. He went on to star in Matthew's next feature length movie, Suburban Children (2010).