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Matthew Roe is a published film critic, theorist and historian whose work has been featured in The Baltimore Examiner (now defunct), Men’s Confidence Magazine, FilmSnobbery, and he currently resides as a regular columnist and staff editor on Community Soul, a critic on IONCINEMA, and a contributing columnist for Screen Anarchy. His critique has been supported by Theneeds, and has been featured by IMDb, Zeitgeist Films and actress Megan Duffy. He currently also hosts several online series dedicated to reviewing and analyzing film, including ShitFlix with David Short.

If you have a short/feature film, mini-series, or webshow you wish reviewed for publication on this site and possibly the others that are listed above, then feel absolutely free to submit here. There is currently no limit to the submissions you can send for review, and there isn't a genre that we do not tackle.

Please, when submitting your film, include the following:

Subject Line: Review Request

Body: Title of Work, Names of Cast and Crew, Genre

Screener: Link to Online Copy or Send non-returnable physical Screener Copy

All reviews will be published as part of our brand new Criticlysm Film Review series, hosted right here! If you would also like to have a video review recorded and featured on our Channel, which will also be embedded with your written review. All feature film submissions are eligible for consideration to be concurrently published on Screen Anarchy. All feature films that are currently playing in film festivals that are submitted are eligible for consideration to be published in Screen Anarchy and on IONCINEMA.