Screenwriting for Hire

Do you have a great idea for a film and do not know how to bring it about? Are you in the market for a screenwriter? A co-screenwriter? A ghost screenwriter? A second set of eyes to do script punch-ups? Although typical screenwriters can charge tens of thousands of dollars to pen a feature-length screenplay, not us! We will collaborate with you to ensure you are more than confident in the quality of your finalized screenplay. And we only charge $20 a page!

We are best reached through the email which is linked below. We write all screenplays on Final Draft and send you regular updates (weekly or biweekly) as to the screenplay's progress, from which you can make comments, corrections, and more. We work through the detailed process with our clients to ensure we have a clear understanding of your ideas. There isn't a genre that we do not tackle.

Payment for our services is through PayPal and Google Wallet. If complete payment upfront for a screenplay is not possible, then we have payment plans from which you can choose, starting at 10 pages ($200) at a time. As we send you each update, you can provide feedback and changes until the screenplay is complete, further editing does not cost anything. This way, we will surely meet all of your expectations for the project. Those who can pay completely upfront for a screenplay of at least 90 pages will earn 10% off their order. However, please remember that screenwriting is a arduous process, and it always takes time.

Regarding the specifics of our services:

STANDARD: Our standard screenwriting services also includes partial rights and crediting to our screenwriters, as they will also be a visible face of the project at the standard rate of $20 a page.

GHOSTWRITING: Our ghostwriting services, for any screenplay we write for you, you will retain all of the rights to the completed script. We will not claim any ownership and you shall be credited as the sole screenwriter. Ghostwriting services have a rate of $25 per page.

PUNCH-UP/EDITS: Our punch-up and editing services, if you are not looking for a complete screenplay to be written, but a draft you need tightened and flushed out, our rate is $10 a page.

These services can be applied for anywhere in the USA! So let your ideas become screenplays today!