Freelance Videography/Editing Services

Our award-winning production company also offers freelance services including but not exclusive to writing, directing, shooting and editing narrative films, short-form subjects, promotional videos, experimental videography, music videos, documentaries, event coverage and corporate videos.

We take immense pride in our attention to detail and the professionalism to which we approach every project. Every client is our most important client, and the subsequent work that we complete will always be held to the same standard of quality.

After initial contact by email, a face-to-face meeting will be set up to gain further insight to what each client would prefer as to the final product. Then, any applicable updates will be sent regarding the specifics of the project subsequently until service is completely rendered as ensuring client confidence in services is a primary concern. Further communication will continue until utmost satisfaction with the final product is reached. An archive of all relevant materials will be on-file for up to six months after conclusion of services.

Standard billable rate for on-site work (filming, in-person meetings, etc.) and off-site work (for editing, image quality control, etc.) is negotiable dependent on the needs and scope of each project. Payment for our services is through PayPal and/or Google Wallet.


Our current and previous clients include:

The Washington International Trade Association,

Imagination Stage,


Bradley Images, Inc.,

Mr. Video Productions,

MD Video Depo,

The Carroll County Youth Service Bureau,

Friends of Joe Sestak,

The Carroll Community Media Center,

The Carroll County Local Management Board,

The Baltimore Education Channel,

Contract Video Specialists,

Registrar Corp,

and many more!