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VIDEO: Anime Academia | Outlaw Star

Ready for high adventure in the frontiers of space? Matthew Roe reviews the classic 1998 sci-fi series Outlaw here

VIDEO: ShitFlix | "The Walking Deceased"

Matthew Roe and David Short search for horrible movies to review. This episode, the 2015 comedy/horror film, The Walking here

VIDEO: Down the Hentai Hole | Otome Dori

Phil confronts the 2-part hentai OVA, Otome here

PSYCHO POMPOUS: Expressionist Horror, Part I: The Man Who Laughs, An Introduction

The most triumphed example of horror film expressionism is the 1920 feature The Cabinet of Dr. Calagari by Robert Wiene, which set the foundation from which all successive expressionist films and horror films of the 1920s would rise. Though the catalogue of expressionist works would number less than thirty throughout the movement’s existence, it had a profound and immediate impact on the world of cinematic storytelling....continue reading

ANARCHIC CINEMA: Miike and V-Cinema

During the period in which Dogme was beginning to interest audiences and No Wave was dying out was also the birth of a unique film market in Japan, V-Cinema. These are primarily movies made in Japan that are released directly to video. When distributing anime, the moniker Original Video Animation or OVA is used. The industry has been alive since the 1980s, sporting filmmakers such as Takashi Shimizu, director of The Grudge and the criminally overlooked Marebito...continue reading

CRITICLYSM REVIEW: Nadie (2017) - ★★★★★

The ever-present reality of our own mortality is made only clearer when witnessing the fatality of our loftiest ideals by its champions. What Cuba has endured leading up to, during and in the succeeding years since the Revolution of 1959 is a perfect storm of this idealistic swell and subsequent decay....continue reading

Updates & Upcoming Releases from Heaven's Fire Media

A brand new original short film titled Chemicals, Like God will be released within the next month which has been directed, produced and written by Matthew Roe and Kat Parker (Equilibrium), scored by the experimental band Genevieve, and starring Dylan Rogers (Suburban Children), Bailey Musiol (No Exit), David Short (The Black Meat) and Phil Yu (Toxic).

As the source material is spotlighted in the video below, Heaven's Fire Films is pleased and proud to announce that Matthew Roe will be writing, directing and producing an official live-action adaptation of Jesse Barksdale's hit indie horror game, The Static Speaks My Name. The short film is currently deep in pre-production and will enter principle photography in October, 2017. Updates soon to follow.

Posted: June, 29 2017

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