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VIDEO: Anime Academia | Outlaw Star

Ready for high adventure in the frontiers of space? Matthew Roe reviews the classic 1998 sci-fi series Outlaw here

CRITICLYSM: Heaven Burns (2010) - ★★★ ½

I do not envy the hangover years of the guideless crew of characters of Stratatek Studios' Heaven Burns. Released in 2010 garnering the Best Picture nomination, Best Actor win, and nabbing 2nd Place in Best Actress at the Action on Film International Film Festival, it is now available for streaming on Amazon Video...continue reading

ANARCHIC CINEMA: Miike and V-Cinema

During the period in which Dogme was beginning to interest audiences and No Wave was dying out was also the birth of a unique film market in Japan, V-Cinema. These are primarily movies made in Japan that are released directly to video. When distributing anime, the moniker Original Video Animation or OVA is used. The industry has been alive since the 1980s, sporting filmmakers such as Takashi Shimizu, director of The Grudge and the criminally overlooked Marebito...continue reading

PSYCHO POMPOUS: Impressionist Horror, Part II: Ménilmontant, the Birth of Psychological Horror

By the time 1926 had rolled around, German expressionism, and the horror films it produced, was already in full swing. The time of the horror film as a viable form of filmmaking had begun. However, there are several elements of import that need to be addressed before moving onto expressionism. By this point, French impressionism was the source of the era’s most important works in the evolution of film technique, language and style in Europe. However, by this point it had begun to lose steam....continue reading

Updates & Upcoming Releases from Heaven's Fire Media

We here at HFM would like to thank our fans and followers for your dedication and to let everyone in on new developments coming up. As linked below, we have revived our much-lauded webshow ShitFlix for a Lost Episodes mini-series. Be sure to give each episode a gander while you ready yourself for our most exciting news: A brand new original short film will be released within the next few months which has been directed, produced and written by Matthew Roe and Kat Parker (Equilibrium). The film is starring HFF veterans Dylan Rogers (Suburban Children), Bailey Musiol (No Exit), and David Short (The Black Meat).

Management has now launched a subsidiary independent music label, Beat Regime Records. Concludingly, Matthew Roe has now started writing for the popular film trade websites IONCINEMA and Screen Anarchy as a critic and contributing columnist, respectively.

Posted: February 14, 2017

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