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VIDEO: Anime Academia | Blood-C

Matthew Roe reviews the 2011 anime series, Blood-C....

VIDEO: ShitFlix | SPF-18

YouTube has a new Partner Policy, and we've got the latest episode of ShitFlix! This episode, the the 2017 romance film, SPF-18.....

PSYCHO POMPOUS: Expressionist Horror, Part I: The Man Who Laughs, An Introduction

The most triumphed example of horror film expressionism is the 1920 feature The Cabinet of Dr. Calagari by Robert Wiene, which set the foundation from which all successive expressionist films and horror films of the 1920s would rise. Though the catalogue of expressionist works would number less than thirty throughout the movement’s existence, it had a profound and immediate impact on the world of cinematic storytelling....continue reading


Film doesn’t mature at a standard rate, meaning that it is never in a constant state of evolution, however gradual. If this were the case, we would be far more advanced in technique and scope than we are today. However, this isn’t to say that filmmaking naturally resides in an equilibrium waiting to being upset. Imagine a three-act heartbeat, advancing and retreating naturally and cyclically....continue reading

CRITICLYSM REVIEW: Nadie (2017) - ★★★★★

The ever-present reality of our own mortality is made only clearer when witnessing the fatality of our loftiest ideals by its champions. What Cuba has endured leading up to, during and in the succeeding years since the Revolution of 1959 is a perfect storm of this idealistic swell and subsequent decay....continue reading

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Oasis Laurels

Matthew Roe and Kat Parker's (Equilibrium) newest short film Chemicals, Like God, scored by the experimental band Genevieve, is an official selection of the Oasis Short Film Series for October.

Posted: November, 17 2017

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